Turns out, managing three blogs and two twitter feeds was driving me a bit crackers, so this is an attempt to collate my internet footprint into one place. Academic, personal, and hopefully interesting to some. Enjoy!


I'm currently in the first year of my PhD at the University of Sheffield, working on the (preliminarily titled) Voices of the Potteries: Accent and identity in Stoke-on-Trent. More information, and my CV, can be found at the link below, or by following the links at the top of the page.


I've blogged in a personal capacity on and off for about eight years now (oh god), and I still very much enjoy enthusing about the things I love and ranting about the things I don't. That being: pop music, social justice (for want of a better phrase), theatre, and anything else that makes me happy. Interested? Not sure why, but head this way...


The excellent Kate and I run a language blog called So Long As It's Words, full of impassioned, often sweary (on my part) posts about the aspects of linguistics we love the most. For a delightful (!) hybrid of my personal writing style and academic linguistic learnings, follow the link below.