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Nail art

Since I can remember, I’ve enjoyed painting my nails in a vast array of bright and ridiculous colours; in the last year or so, I’ve become addicted to nail art blogs* and trying to improve my skills at painting more intricate design on my own nails; and since October I got my act together and decided to do something with it.

I see people running marathons and biking across deserts for charity on social media and, as I shovel another jam doughnut into my gaping mouth, I feel guilty for not doing more. So I thought I’d try and combine something I enjoy and am getting good at with raising money for a cause I care about, thus creating:

Help CALM and get your nails done!** A charity nail bar run from my building at the University of Sheffield. Middlay to 3pm every Wednesday I set up shop in the foyer of the Jessop West building and paint people’s nails in return for a donation to CALM.

CALM stands for the Campaign Against Living Miserably, a charity who combat the dangerously¬†high rate of young male suicide through a helpline and webchat service, and outreach and educational programs. It’s a brilliant charity which is gaining a lot of traction and press, and since the suicide of a family member, several friends and family of mine have been raising money for them through various means.

*some favourites: One Nail to Rule Them All, The Nailasaurus, The Nail Polish Challenge

**I know, I know, I hate the ‘Keep Calm…’ motif as much as everyone else, but it was too¬†pithy a name to pass up.